Admiral Container (HK) Ltd. represents a powerhouse of opportunity within the container rental and asset lease sector. We pride ourselves on the protection of our clients’ interests while maximizing investor profit. Moreover, we move EVERYTHING. From electronics to baby toys or even solar panels for your new home, they all need safe harbour while en route. 90% of import/export is currently transported using intermodal transport and growing.

Several of our competitors offer similar investment asset lease/rental structures. However, the paramount difference is that Admiral escrows contractual payments for a 24-month period in a fixed return investment scenario, thereby providing an additional layer of protection as all future fixed payments owed to owner are outside of Admiral’s control. Escrow is not applicable to our variable program as returns fluctuate in nature.

To an outsider, the industry may appear cyclical based on global trade. In actuality, larger shipping lines (Maerske, Evergreen, Hapog) lease more containers in down markets. This is a simple and direct result of Capital Expenditure (“CAPEX”), funds used by companies to acquire or upgrade physical assets. Shipping lines divert more resources to operations and fewer to purchasing containers during a declining Import/Export cycle; thus, a nice ancillary benefit as a container owner. You benefit from booming GDP scenarios and also when the global economy slows as the larger lines seek to lease containers versus purchasing or manufacturing them in-house.

Our head office is based in Hong Kong - an ideal location - to capitalise on the trade strength of China, the largest exporter in the world. Our container subleasing offering enables our clients to derive consistent returns, receiving payments on a quarterly basis.

We work in partnership with a global network of brokers, consultants, shipping lines and private companies to be maximize returns.

Should you wish to learn more about container ownership and our leasing solutions, consult with an Admiral Shipping representative.